The ForestTribe are are Tribe full of extremely loyal cats, but only to their Leader. They don't care much about each other at all, mates a small amount for a short amount of time, and the members of this Tribe, if they have had a mate, shortly after their kits(who they don't really care about, and just see as another group of normal cats to protect the Tribe), the tom stops caring about his mate completley, and in this Tribe it is normal for the kits' father to choose another mate almost instantly after his kits are born, then after his new litter of kits are born, he moves onto another mate, not caring about his new mate and/or kit(s) at all anymore. He repeats this many times, most cats until they become old enough to join the Seniors in the Senior's Den, and are too old to mate or have kits with any more she-cats anymore. The average tom has about eight or nine mates in ForestTribe in his lifetime. The Nursers, Kits and Seniors are treated as nothing by most of their Tribe if they are members of the ForestTribe, and are cared for by the Healer, Second In Command Healer(If any), and other cats of their rank. More than what the average cat is capable of is expected of ForestTribe cats. No Nursers are allowed to stay in the Nurser's Den after their kits are apprenticed into either Trainee Hunters or Trainee Fighters. They patrol and refreshen the scent markers at their borders much more often than their only rival Tribe, the GorgeTribe. They do not take kittypets, rogues, loners, and GorgeTribe cats who cross their border lightly, and do not care about many rules.


Note: Please do not edit the Alliances. If you want to join the ForestTribe, tell me(Kittycat79) all the info (appearance, name, gender, and rank), and I'll add your ForestTribe cat to its appropriate section in the Alliances. Thank you.


Second In Command:

Healer: Holly That Rides On Flowers(Riding Holly or Holly)-Jet black she-cat with gray eyes. RP'd by Embertail of FrostClan

Second In Command Healer:

Trained Fighters: Icicle That Flows Down Stream(Flowing Icicle or Icicle)-White tom with amber eyes.Rp'd by Embertail of FrostClan

Love That Keeps On Running(Running Love or Love)-White she-cat with green eyes.(wants kits). RP'd by Embertail of FrostClan

Trained Hunters:Lilly That Shines On Water(Water Lilly or Lilly)-Gray she-cat with blue eyes.(wants kits). RP'd by Embertail of FrostClan

Trainee Fighters:

Trainee Hunters:





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