Leader-Dapplestar-Pretty dappled she-cat with yellow eyes.

Deputy-Birchwing-Light brown tom

Medicine cat-Smallfoot-Light gray tom


Warriors: Dawnfoot-Gray she-cat with light gray paws.

Wolftooth-Brown tom with long teeth.


Duskfur-Mottled orange-brown tom

Shortail-Gray and white tom with a short tail

Brackenfall-Small light gold she-cat

Foxfur-Orange-red tom


Mistfur-Gray-blue she-cat

Longfur-long haired tom

Brightspot-black she-cat with white spots


Molefur-Light brown tom

Cheetahspots-Orange she-cat with black spots

Mosslight-White she-cat with brown spots.

Whitepelt-White tom

Apprentices: Fuzzpaw-Tabby she-cat

Pinepaw-Red-brown tom

Rockpaw- Gray tom

Queens: Fireflight-Flame colored she-cat. Mother of Birdkit (Black and white tom) and Featherkit (Gray tabby she-cat)

Willowsong-Tan-brown she-cat

Hazelsplash-Gray and white she-cat


Leader: Barkstar-Brown tom

Deputy:Finchheart-Black-gray tom

Medicine cat: Flamefur-Bright ginger tom


Warriors: Grayheart-gray she-cat

Lionfur-Golden tom


Apprentices: Smallpaw- Speckled she-cat

Queens: Dapplefur-tortisiseshell she-cat


Leader: Mintstar- Silver she-cat

Deputy: Spottedsplash-spotted she-cat

Medicine cat: Redspots-tom with ginger spots

Queens: Starshine-pretty she-cat


Leader: Sunnystar-gold furred tom

Deputy: Vinestripe-tom with wavy stripes

Medicine cat: Mousetail-brown and white tom

Apprentice: Flowerpaw

Queens: Cardinalfeather-ginger she-cat


Dapplestar sighed. It had been a hard season. But yes, was not the arrival of new kits a happy time? Padding out of her den she went down the bank. As she went up the path a warrior passed her. Dapplestar mewed "I hope you are going to wake up one of those dozy apprentices." The warrior nodded. "Exactly."

Birdkit opened his eyes. He was in a nest. All around him thorns streched. Something bowled into him, making him squeak in surprise. "Mom, look! He's opened his eyes! Can we go outside?" "Shhh, Featherkit. Here comes Dapplestar." Birdkit looked around. A dappled she cat had entered. "I see our newest edition has opened his eyes." Birdkit bounced around."Mom, can we explore the camp? Please?" Fireflight looked at Dapplestar."What would you say?" Dapplestar nodded."Okay, but don't get into trouble." "Birdkit, be careful!" Birdkit popped his head out of the nursery. He saw a fern bed, a tilted tree to his right, and a path going around a tree on his left. Coming all the way out. he mewed to Featherkit,"Look at that!" There was thick roots stretching across a dip in the ground. With out a second thought he walked out on them. Featherkit stood on the edge. Birdkit, look down!" He was about three fox lengths above a small creek. "C'mon Featherkit! Look at that cave!" Featherkit looked. The creek ran out of a small cave. Birdkit bounced around."Lets go look at it." "I don't think so." Birdkit whirled around. A red-orange tabby tom stood in front of him."Well, why not?" The tom smiled "Because, that's the leaders den. And I don't think Dapplestar would appreciate it if two kits were sniffing around her den." Featherkit raised her chin.

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