Dawnice Presents! Silverstrike's DestinyEdit

Silverkit opened her eyes. Three figures appeared. A white she-cat with blue eyes, a gray tom with green eyes, and a black she-cat with amber eyes. The black cat crept towards her. "Well, Snowpath and Tigerpelt. Congratulations!" she said.

Silverkit's mind was twirling around. Who are they? she thought. A few other kits were stepping on her. She tried to push the other kits away but failed. She squealed, trying to get their attention. Snowpath was the first to notice. But then Silverkit began to cough. "Duskshadow? Could you help her?" Snowpath asked. "Of course." she replied.

The following day, Silverkit felt herself being dragged somewhere. A beautiful gray she-cat with blue eyes carried her. "Hey! What are you doing!?," Silverkit asked. "All you need to know is that I am Fluttersky, everyone except you, the other kits, Snowpath, and Duskshadow are dead." "But what about my dad!" Silverkit asked. "Dead.," Fluttersky replied. "But.-" her voice broke off.

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