The camp

StormClan's camp is a large clearing surrouned by trees and bushes with a creek running through the middle of the camp.

The creekEdit

The creek is oddly set for parts of the creek create the elders den, leaders den and warriors den. The creek runs into a cave. The soft sandy banks serve as warriors nests. The rest of the water runs into a crack in the wall at the end of the cave. On the other side of the wall water runs out of a small crack in the rock. The cave serves as the leaders den. The water travels through a crack in the rock going out of the caves.


  • Leaders den- In a cave, it has smooth rocks covered with moss.
  • Elders den-In a cave dug out of a high bank.
  • Warriors den-Opposite the leaders den, soft sandy banks serve as nests.
  • Apprentice den-Made out of plants woven together.
  • Nurserey-Made out of thorns, but warm inside
  • Medicine den-Made out of the same thorns

Notable placesEdit

  • Hightree-A tree that grew oddly, making it the hightree
  • Sunningferns-A fern bed where the sun shines most of the day
  • Root walk-A series of thick roots that grew above the creek. This makes it easier to cross.

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