Swiftfoot's JourneyEdit

by Hazelwing of LightningClan


The moon rose above the trees, shining an eerie light on the forest. A small, wiry brown she-cat emerged from a bramble bush beside a tall pine tree.

She stepped into the center of the clearing. "Rainfall! Snowstep!" she mewed. "You can come out now." A pretty gray she-cat leaped out of a tree, while a snowy white tom jumped excitedly out from behind a tree. The gray she-cat touched her muzzle to the brown cat.

"Leafshine! I missed you." she purred in amusement.

"I missed you too." Leafshine lifted her tail.

"What do you have to tell us? I promised to teach Spottedpaw a battle move." the white tom answered impatiently.

"Snowstep, don't worry. Since she'll be an apprentice forever," Leafshine paused, looking at her paws. "you'll have plenty of time to teach her."

"We're sorry you feel bad about your kit never becoming a warrior, but what do you need to tell us? All three of us need to get back to the StarClan camp." Rainfall meowed.

"Okay." she turned her gaze to Rainfall, the gray she-cat. "A terrible battle will come. Only your kin can save the injured cats from joining us in StarClan, and save the warrior code from destruction."

"The only kin I know I have is my kittypet daughter!" Rainfall's eyes widened in shock.

Leafshine nodded. "Yes. But she is destined to become a Clan cat."

"I hope so." Rainfall mumbled.

Chapter 1Edit

Coming soon

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