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Hi, everyone who is a member of the HollyClan(Warriors Cat) Wiki. My full Username is Kittycat79, as you can see, but you can call me Kittycat or Kitty, for short. You can also call me Sparrowflight, which is the name of the Warrior cat I made up. Her info is below:


Name: Sparrowflight

Gender: She-cat

Rank: Deputy

Clan: ReedClan

Appearance: Brown and white she-cat with a white muzzle, chest, underbelly, a black-tipped tail and bright green eyes. She also has a torn ear and two scars on her shoulder.


Father: Brackentail

Mother: Minnowflower

Brothers: Thistlefang, Mudclaw, Pebblestripe

Sister: Flowerpetal

Mates: Nightwhisker & Thornpelt

Sons: Ashstorm(With Nightwhisker), Fogtail(With Thornpelt), Nettlegaze(Adopted, Echowing's brother)

Daughters: Mapleheart(With Nightwhisker), Thrushfeather(With Nightwhisker), Silverstorm(With Fogtail), Echowing(Adopted, Nettlegaze's sister)

I also have a few other cats I made up with the same description as Sparrowflight. Here's some other stuff:


On Cat NamesEdit

Runningwind-Must be a pretty fast cat to have that name. And he was the only cat apart from the very first WindClan leader(Wind, or commonly known as Windstar, although the Clans had not made up the rule that a Clan leader had to have '-star' as the prefix of their name yet, when Wind was alive), the cat who gathered up all the swift, rabbit-loving cats in the forest and mixed up heaps of cats, and the huge group of swift cats eventually became WindClan, and moved into the moorlands permanetly, laying down scent markers to create the borders of their territory. There have been many WindClan leaders since Windstar died, who had 'Wind' or 'wind' as a prefix(first part of the name) or a suffix(second part of the name). It was made against the warrior code to put 'River', 'Wind', 'Thunder', or 'Shadow' into a Clan cats' name, as it's prefix. You also can't put 'river', 'wind', 'thunder', or 'shadow' as the suffix of a Clan cats' name. Despite the fact that his name is against the Clan law, Runningwind is still epic. But you could make up Clans that have different rules in their warrior code.

Brambleclaw-All I can say is 'sharp'.

Sneezekit-What sick, cruel mother would name their kit Sneezekit? Seriously, just because he/she has a cold, doesn't mean you have to make them remember that stupid sickness all their life, every time another cat says their name. I could think of about a million much better names. Brackenkit, Reedkit, Fogkit, Birchkit, Sandkit, Icekit, Snowkit, Stonekit, Tumblekit, Sorrelkit, Lilykit, Daisykit, Stormkit, Featherkit, Tealkit, Wingkit, Eaglekit, Dustkit and so many more names that would make my profile way too long for any other User to bother reading, and I wouldn't blame them.

Bluefur-Don't you think it's a bit too plain and obvious? Why couldn't Pinestar just name her Bluepool or Bluefang or Blueheart or Bluestorm or Bluefeather? ANYTHING would be better. Well, pretty much anything...Bluebelly or Bluenose would be too retarded to be legelly put into published books. Then again, Loudbelly is in Warriors books, and they're published. But Loudbelly also makes a tad more sense.

Loudbelly-How hungry does a cat have to be to be named Loudbelly? Loudkit is so funny; kits mewl all the time!

More later.

Charart FormEdit

Hi, everyone. I do Charart Requests on this Wiki as well as the WW now. If you want a Charart(cat image) from me, post a message on my talk page with a filled-in version of the Charart Form below:

Name: (Not the filename, the cat's real name)

Gender: (She-cat or tom)

Rank: (Medicine cat apprentice, deputy, warrior, kittypet, etc.)

Eye Colour: (Sea blue, amber, bright green, brown, etc.)

Main Fur Colour: (Ginger, brown, gray, etc.)

Fur Markings: (Tabby stripes, etc.) (If any)

Fur Length: (Short or long)

Extras: (White paws, muzzle, black-tipped tail, etc.)

Scars: (Nicked ear, scar running down one side, etc.) (If any)

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